New Navigational chart of the Danube River through Serbia and part of the Sava River is available on the internet presentation of Plovput.

Plovidbena karta Dunava

Navigational Chart of Danube River (km 1433.10 – km 845.50) contains up-to-date information of the fairway, waterway marking system, isobaths of 2.5 m depth compared to the low navigation level in critical sectors for navigation, distance marks on 200 m on fairway axes, cross-sections on 200 m, the positions of sunken vessels in or near the fairway or berths prescribed, gauging stations with data on characteristic navigation levels, up-to-date information about bridges (with information on available altitudes of navigational passages compared to the high navigation level), navigation locks, electric power transmissions and other objects of importance for the safety of navigation, classes of waterway, contact information of authorities in the Republic of Serbia relevant for inland navigation and other information relevant for inland navigation. Navigational chart contains part of the fairway of the Sava River, from km 16 to km 0.

Navigational chart, which is adjusted to print on A4 format can be downloaded from the web page Navigational charts for the Danube River in PDF format, free of charge.


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