Waterway Marking Plan


In the past year, on part of the Danube River from rkm 1106.6 to 1095.6 rkm has been noticed a sharp rise in the number of thefts of labels for marking the boundaries of the fairway (buoys). Due to this negative continues trend and the measures that were taken to prevent this situations, had no effect, in order to protect property and preserving the required level of navigation safety, MS Directorate for Inland Waterways, in November, made changes in the system of marking on the Danube River on the section of rkm 1096 to rkm 1102 with the accompanying drawings:

Ada Stojkova - rkm 1099-1102

Ada Stojkova - rkm 1095-1098
 Marking plan of Danube and Tisza 2018. (december 2017)
 Danube River - Additional navigation marks (december 2013)
Marking plan of Sava River (Sava commission)

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