Navigational Chart for the whole stretch of Tisza River in Serbia available on the Internet presentation of Plovput

Navigational Chart for the Tisza River (km 164.0 – km 0.00) contains up-to-date information on the fairway, waterway marking system, distance marks on 200 m on fairway axis, cross-sections on 200 m, positions of sunken vessels in or near fairway or proclaimed berths, gauging stations with information on characteristic navigation levels, information on bridges, electric power transmissions and other objects of importance for the safety of navigation, contacts of relevant institutions for inland navigation in Republic of Serbia and other information relevant for inland navigation.

In addition, Navigational Chart contains legend of symbols used to mark objects on the waterway.

As a separate part, Navigational Chart contains Atlas of Berths with detailed information on berths availability on the Tisza River in the Republic of Serbia.

Papirna karta reke Tise

Papirna karta reke Tise

Navigational Chart adjusted for printing on A4 format can be downloaded from navigational maps page in PDF format.


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