New situational plans are designed based on results of hydrographic survey conducted in period May – June 2016. Dislocation and narrowing of the fairway was performed, in accordance with available depths

In period May-June 2016, Directorate for Inland Waterways has conducted hydrographic survey of the Sava River, including survey on critical sectors for navigation. New situational plans of critical sectors Kamičak, Šabac, Klenak, Sremska Mitrovica and Ušće Drine, with available depth compared to low navigation level, may be downloaded from the Internet presentation of Plovput and from Navigational Bulletin, in pdf.

On critical sector Kamičak (km 88.2 – km 82.2) dislocation and narrowing of the fairway was performed, in accordance with available depths. On critical sector Klenak (km 112.6 – km 106.0) adjustment of position of the fairway was conducted, without its construction. Critical sector Ušće Drine remains the most critical sector for navigation on the Sava River in the Republic of Serbia, in terms of available depth and width of fairway. For more information, please visit the Internet presentation of Directorate for Inland Waterways. For dynamic information on fairway and navigation conditions on the Sava River, please visit Navigational Bulletin.


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