Informer (1st August 2023)


The Informer has issued by Directorate for Inland Waterways, with headquarters in Belgrade, Francuska Street 9, 11000 Belgrade, in the form in which is presented on the Agency’s website as of 7, July 2011, and prepared by Slavica Timotijević, LLB, Head of Legal, Personnel and General Services. For further updates, changes and additions to the Informer, Dragana Bogdanovic Veselinovic, Head of Legal, Personnel and General Services. For the purpose of updating Informer and website, all managers of responsible units, with the decision of the Director and not later than 25th in month, are in charge of providing changes to regulations, documents to be placed on the site as well as suggestions, proposals and information from their scope to the civil servants who are responsible for updating, amendments to the Informer and arranging of website.

The Informer is available to citizens who are interested to gain access to information of public importance held by this Directorate on the website and at the reception of the Directorate.
Insight and printed copies of Informer can be obtained in the premises of Directorate, Francuska Street 9, Belgrade, second floor, Dragana Bogdanovic Veselinovic office, on weekdays from 7.30 am to 15.30 pm.

On the request of interested parties, it may be allowed direct insight to the electronic version of the Informer or it may be printed on the site. The interested party may get information by phone (+381 11 30 29 846) in which time shall provide immediate insight or printing the Informer. Necessary Informer printing costs are determined according to the budget which is an integral part of the Regulation on the compensation of necessary costs for issuing copies of documents that contain information of public importance ("RS Official Gazette" No. 8/06)

Note: Documents only available in Serbian

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