River training and dredging works

Hydro technical works that Plovput performs since 1965 includes riverbed regulation activities with the goal of maintaining and improving the inland waterway infrastructure include riverbed arranging activities. The works that stand out are: construction of bank protection, construction of groynes, parallel constructions with traverses and river sediment dredging.

Plovput has a required fleet for transport and installation of stone materials. From its founding, Plovput has transported and installed more than 1.8 million m3 of stone materials into a large number of hydro technical constructions on inland waterways. These constructions are irreplaceable part of the waterway traffic infrastructure in the region.

In the past 40 years more than 3.2 million m3 of river sediments have been dredged. The high quality of services provided by Plovput in this area has led to the establishment of long-term relationships with users.

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