IRIS EUROPE II project was based on expert working groups in the field of river information services. This project was continuation of the earlier completed project IRIS EUROPE II, which has implemented from 2006 to 2009. Organizations from nine EU countries were involved in the project, as well as additional organizations outside EU in the status of cooperation partners, and the Directorate for Inland Waterways Plovput is among them. The main objective of the project was to promote RIS services among users in the field of logistics and transportation through pilot activities.

IRIS EUROPE II project was co-financed under TEN-T Program from ministries of transportation of nine EU countries (Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Nederland, France, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, and Czech Republic), as well as from the European Commission. : The project was implemented in the period between 2009 and 2012.


Objectives of the project were:
  • Further development of river information services and implementation of pilot activities, data exchange on the international level
  • Contribution to changes of technical specifications for RIS technologies and services and their implementation
  • Standardization of RIS services and technologies
  • Introduction of new RIS services and technologies through implementation of pilot activities
  • Preparation of Feasibility study for future RIS services
Main activities of the IRIS EUROPE II project were:
  • Data (on vessels) exchange between Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Nederland, introduction of new users in the international data exchange system
  • Implementation of model for low navigation levels and information on current water levels in electronic navigation charts
  • Improvement of accessibility of RIS services through WIFI and WIMAX
  • Introduction of new services in Notices to Skippers – NtS (water level forecast, messages on ice, etc.)
For additional information on the role of Plovput on IRIS EUROPE II project, please contact our coordinator:

M.Sc. Ivan Mitrovic
Directorate for Inland Waterways Plovput
Tel: +381 11 3029 842
E-mail: imitrovic@plovput.rs

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