Shipowners, skippers, captains, navigation companies, agents of shipping, inspection officers, as well as other participants in shipping are hereby informed that the Serbian lock Iron Gate 2, between km 858 and km 868 of the Danube River, will be out of operation from 18.07.2023. to 17.07.2024 due to a general overhaul to increase reliability and reduce the cycle time of transshipments. The entire transshipment of vessels within their zone of responsibility will be taken over by the Romanian side of Iron Gate 2.

Participants in shipping are warned to adjust their speed to general safety in shipping and comply with the orders of the ship handler, the inspector of shipping, and the Harbour Master Pravovo. Any violations of the provisions of this announcement will be considered infractions of internal shipping and punished according to the provisions of the Shipping and Ports Act ("Official Gazette of RS," no. 73 of October 12, 2010, no. 121 of December 24, 2012, no. 18 of February 13, 2015, no. 96 of November 26, 2015 - dr. law, no. 92 of November 23, 2016 , 104 of December 14, 2016 - dr. law, no. 113 of December 17, 2017 - dr. law, 41 of May 31, 2018, 95 of December 8, 2018 - dr. law, 37 of May 29, 2019 - dr. law, no. 9 of February 4, 2020. ).

Harbour Master Prahovo
Branislav Ginic

Source: Notice to skippers (


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